What are the advantages of a virtual tour for a real estate agency?

What are the advantages of a virtual tour for a real estate agency?

Since 2016, more and more real estate agencies have been referring to the use of virtual tours to sell real estate properties. In fact, this new tool brings real added value to agencies, thanks to new technologies that are increasingly easy to use.


A virtual tour is accomplished by means of 360° photos of an existing property and can be done from a computer, smartphone or tablet, without the need for any other equipment.

At the moment, virtual reality is mainly used for new buildings, based on plans created in 3D. With the help of a pair of virtual reality glasses or a virtual reality helmet and a remote control, the property can be explored. You can also interact with objects and instantly change the decoration. These two technologies have everything to seduce both buyers and sellers https://www.atticushomebuyers.com/we-buy-houses-appleton/


– Facilitate the signing of exclusivity contracts with owners.

The latter will be seduced by the resources used by the agency to increase the value of the property, whether it is for sale or for rent. 80% of owners prefer to entrust their property to a professional who offers a virtual tour.

– Differentiate yourself from other agencies, but also from private sales.

Some agencies offer this service to potential buyers or tenants so that they can make their first visit remotely. A strategy that saves time.

– Allow customers who are far away to visit the property.


The virtual visit and its 3D effects have more impact than a simple photograph or a 2D plan. Moving virtually, you can more easily see the layout of the rooms and the available space. The real estate agent can then present you with various possible adaptations for a property: add or remove partitions, show you the possible organization of the different rooms…

The virtual or virtual reality tours used for new homes now include real images of the landscape: you will also be able to discover the view of your future property, and before the works are completed!  A true digital advance in the real estate world!